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MHN Employee Assistance Program

The work-site based Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides confidential, professional assistance when personal problems affect an employee's life and work. The program provides information, consultation, and counseling for employees and their family members, as well as offering training and consultation to management.

EAP encourages employees to use services early in the progression of a problem, before situations significantly impact work. This is accomplished by promoting service for "normal problems in living" such as relationships, stress, legal and financial problems, career concerns, anxiety, and depression. The EAP also services more serious concerns such as alcohol and drug problems, family violence, and threats of suicide.

The EAP can significantly increase employee and management productivity through:

Reduced tardiness and absenteeism
Increased employee morale
Reduced turnover
Reduced heath care costs
Reduced worksite injuries
Minimized legal liabilities
Attention to preventive health care and wellness

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