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2017 Information

2017 Open Enrollment

2017 Employee Benefits Renewal Packet
2017 Open Enrollment To-Do List (for employers)
2017 Open Enrollment Communication Template (for employers)
Changes Allowed at Open Enrollment (for employers)
Kaiser 2017 Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP) Changes Flyer
Castlight Flyer
Health Savings Account Frequently Asked Questions

bswift Online Benefits Enrollment Website

bswift website
Open Enrollment User Guide
Administrator Guide
Employee New Hire Guide

2017 Anthem Summaries

Anthem Classic PPO
Anthem Advantage PPO
Anthem Consumer Driven Health Plan
Anthem CalCare HMO
Anthem Value HMO
Anthem Classic PPO w/Medicare
Anthem Advantage PPO w/Medicare
Anthem Consumer Driven Health Plan w/Medicare
Anthem CalCare HMO w/Medicare
Anthem Value HMO w/Medicare
BlueCard Flyer - providers outside of California
Blue Card PPO and Global Core Programs
Live Health Online Flyer
Refill By Mail Flyer
Preferred Generics Flyer
Retiree with Medicare RX Mailer with Summary
Anthem Blue Distinction Specialty Care
Anthem Blue Distinction Facilities

2017 Anthem Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC)

Anthem Advantage PPO
Anthem CalCare HMO
Anthem Consumer Driven Health Plan
Anthem Classic PPO
Anthem Value HMO

Anthem Resumen de beneficios y cobertura (Spanish)

Anthem Consumer Driven Health Plan de Salud
Anthem CalCare HMO
Anthem Valor HMO
Anthem Advantage PPO
Anthem Clásico

2017 Anthem Evidence of Coverage (EOC)

Anthem Advantage PPO CA
Anthem Advantage PPO Non-CA
Anthem CDHP PPO Non-CA
Anthem Classic PPO CA
Anthem Classic PPO Non-CA
Anthem HMO
Anthem HMO Medicare
Anthem Value
Anthem Value Medicare
Anthem Advantage PPO CA Medicare
Anthem Advantage PPO Non-CA Medicare
Anthem Classic PPO CA Medicare
Anthem Classic PPO Non-CA Medicare

2017 Kaiser Summaries

Kaiser Traditional HMO
Kaiser Traditional HMO with Optical
Kaiser Value HMO
Kaiser Consumer Driven Health Plan
Kaiser Senior Advantage

2017 Kaiser Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC)

Kaiser Traditional HMO with Optical SBC
Kaiser Value HMO SBC
Kaiser Consumer Driven Health Plan SBC
Kaiser Traditional HMO SBC

Kaiser Service Area

Kaiser Service Area by Zip Code

Delta Dental

Delta Dental PPO Summaries
DeltaCare HMO Fee Schedule
DeltaCare HMO Evidence of Coverage
2017 Delta Dental Flyers

Vision Service Plan (VSP)

2017 Evidence of Coverage (EOC)
2017 VSP Summaries
Retinal Screening Coverage
VSP TruHearing Flyer

Employee Assistance Program

MHN EAP Summary

Life Insurance

Life Group Enrollment Beneficiary
Life Supplemental App
Life Enrollment & Chg Form (No EOI Required)
Travel Assistance Brochure


2017 Annual Notices
2017 non-CA (only) Childrens Health Insurance Premium (CHIP) Notice
Exchange Notice
Exchange Notice (Word)


Standard & Incentive Participation Requirements
Retiree Participation Requirements


Employer Strategies, Affordable Care Act Compliance, and more


Enrollment/Change Form
Enrollment/Change Form - COBRA
Health Declination Form
Health Declination Form (Directors only)
Anthem Claim Form

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