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Board of Directors

The ACWA JPIA is governed by the Board of Directors which is composed of one representative from each Member and that representative director must be a member of his/her governing board and be selected by that board to represent it on the JPIA’s Board.

Resources for JPIA Directors:

2018 Fall Conference News - November 26-27, 2018, San Diego, CA

Board of Directors' Agenda - November 26, 2018

Board of Directors' Meeting Packet - November 26, 2018 - (Starts on page 64 of the 2018 Fall Conference Packet.)

Minutes & Meeting Packets Archives

Board of Directors' Manual - Revised September 2018

JPIA Agreement - Revised May 7, 2012

JPIA Bylaws - Revised December 1, 2014

Meeting Calendar

General Resources for Any Elected Official:

Training Frequency for Elected Officials

Statement of Economic Interests Resources:

Form 700 (2017/2018) - Statement of Economic Interests

Reference Pamphlet (2017/2018)

Conflict of Interest Code for ACWA JPIA

Agency Report of: Public Official Appointments (Form 806)

Change of Director Form

For questions regarding the FPPC Form and/or filing requirements, send an e-mail to Bobbette, or call her at the JPIA at (800) 231-5742, extension 3161.

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