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The JPIA Wellness Grant Program is intended to help agencies participating in JPIA medical plans to establish a wellness program or carry out a wellness initiative. It should take a holistic approach considering safety efforts, wellness and available health benefits. The program is meant for all employees, regardless of the medical plan in which they are enrolled. The program can be big or small, limited in duration or ongoing. The idea is to get started thinking about how employers can make small efforts that help employees improve health. Not only do healthier employees (and healthier dependents) result in lower medical premiums, but reduced absenteeism, reduced instances of workplace injury, increased morale and increased productivity are all benefits as well.

Wellness Ideas Flyer

Employer Toolkits:

Anthem Wellness Resources

Anthem Wellness Nutrition and Fitness Health Kit

Kaiser Wellness Resources

CDC Worksite Health Promotion

Getting Wellness Communications Right - Provides simple strategies to make an impact.

On-site Trainings:

MHN EAP On-site Presentations - Available at no cost to agencies participating in MHN EAP. Eight hours on-site training/year maximum.

MHN Single Course Request Form - please complete and submit this form to MHN when requesting a single course. See instructions on form.

MHN Multiple Course Request Form - please complete and submit this form to MHN when requesting more than one course at a time. See instructions on form.

Anthem On-site Presentations - Costs vary by region, please contact JPIA Benefits for more information.

Everybody Walk Documentary - A 30-minute video with a huge impact. Consider an on-site showing.

Providers Used and Recommended by JPIA Members:

Member agencies have funded screenings using a variety of strategies. Screenings can be fully employer sponsored for all, employer sponsored only for the first to sign up, employer sponsored only for the winners of raffles, partially employer subsidized for all, or fully employee paid.

Early Detection Screenings using Ultrasound On-site (Echocardiogram, Abdominal Cancer Screening, Carotid Ultrasound, Aortic Aneurysm Screening, and more): Longevity, Inc. 888-554-3278 Overview (Southern CA)

Event Coordinators: Spice of Life 888-270-6610 (San Marcos, CA and surrounding area)

Health Screenings (full blood panel, PSA, ovarian cancer test, BMI): Ridgecrest Regional Hospital 760-446-3551 (Ridgecrest, CA and surrounding area)

Yoga Classes: Innerworks Wellness Center 909-985-3389 (Upland, CA and surrounding area)

Other Resources:

myStrength- A free online and mobile program that supports emotional health and well-being. Offered by Anthem but accessible to non-Anthem members.

Preventive Care Guidelines - A great reminder to get screenings on time. Early treatment saves lives.

MHN EAP Employee Portal - For employees of agencies participating in the EAP. Login to access health coaching, online recorded seminars, locate providers, and much more.

Anthem Health Assessment - Flyer with instructions for accessing the tool.

Kaiser Health Assessment - Flyer with instructions for accessing the tool.

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